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Mugen Honda Civic Type R 3D - New Pictures

By Jay Williams - 24/June/2009

Mugen Honda Civic Type R
  Mugen Honda Civic Type R

Mugen Honda Civic Type R
The Euro-spec model receives
a larger rear wing.

Northampton, England Following up on our previous story, Japanese car tuners Mugen are about to launch a new Euro-spec Mugen Honda Civic Type R 3D to the European market. The company are planning to introduce the new model sometime their summer.

The Euro-spec Mugen Type R uses a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine that produces 149kW (200hp). However, previous reports had the engine generating as much as 179kW (240hp) for the front-wheel drive car. The 2.0-litre i-VTEC is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Mugen has significantly altered the overall look and feel of this car, using a carbon-fiber body kit to give a most certain aggressive look. The new front bumper has a front lip spoiler and blacked-out grille which leads back to widened fenders with integrated air-vents. Twin-scoops are situated on either side of a raised mid-section on the new hood. 

Redesigned sideskirts lead us to the custom built rear-bumper, diffuser, and dual round-exhaust. Mugen have used a gunmetal gray multispoke alloy wheel that matches the front grille and bonnet air-vents.

The Euro-spec model receives a larger rear wing, and redesigned rear bumper with noticeable changes to the tailpipes. The front-end also appears to have some minor cosmetic changes.

If pricing of the recently detailed UK-spec Type R is anything to go by, then this car could cost anywhere from €40,000, up to a rather steep €50,000. We should find out more about the Mugen Honda Civic Type-R 3D as there isn't much to go on at the moment but, we should have more details in the near future.

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