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Honda OSM Concept: S2000 Redux

Motoring Channel Staff - 23/July/2008

Honda OSM Concept
Honda OSM Concept

Honda OSM Concept
Shown at the 2008 British Motor Show, the
Honda OSM Concept was designed in Germany

Honda OSM Concept
Honda's fancy new concept car has a very sporty
aesthetic and could be a precursor to a new S2000

Honda OSM Concept
The Honda OSM's cabin looks like an
evolution of the Honda Civic's interior

London, England — Honda used the 2008 British Motor Show in London to unveil a new convertible concept car.

The low emission Honda OSM, or Open Study Model, is one of Honda's best-looking concept cars since the CR-Z sports hybrid that appeared at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, which has since been green-lit for production.

Speculation is that this new model will presage the next generation S2000 sports car, which is beginning to show its age.

This 2-seater convertible sports car is being touted as a light-weight, low emissions vehicle, but no details on the power core have been revealed. 

The only giveaway to the OSM concept car's propulsion unit is a semi-sequential gear-shift that "points towards a fun-to-drive transmission, along with paddle shifts either side of the steering wheel" says Honda.

A hybrid powertrain or low capacity 4-cylinder engine are most likely power units, as there is evidence of an exhaust pipe.

Andreas Sittel, the project leader for the OSM concept said, "We're trying to show that low emission cars can be attractive." 

"There is no reason why a car that's more environmentally friendly can't look great too – and be sporty and fun to drive," argued Sittel.

The proportions of the new Honda OSM concept give the car a more muscular stance than the Honda S2000 roadster, and the finer touches like the extended LED brake lights and dynamic headlights add elements of intrigue to the design.

It's wider, shorter, and altogether stockier than the current generation S2000, while the front end design has similarities to the high performance Honda Civic Type R.

Perhaps the concept is in fact a precursor to a new Civic convertible rather than the S2000? Time will tell.

The Honda OSM was originally conceptualised at Honda's Offenbach R&D facility in Germany by a group of young designers.

In it's press release Honda states that "The exterior design is a balance of smooth, rounded curves and sharp lines to provide definition in key areas".

While the overall design alludes to a bold new design theme for upcoming Honda cars, the interior is also a showcase for forward looking ideas.

The cockpit appears to be a modified version of the current Honda Civic's, and features "long sweeping curves extending from both door panels to form a frame for the instrument display". 

Honda says the concept for the futuristic dashboard was "to avoid creating the traditional block of 'heavy' colour and material in front of the driver" and so the dash is segmented "with the most important instruments in direct line-of-sight of the driver" says the Japanese car maker.

The seats are trimmed in gloss-effect blue leather contrasted with white leather sections which is "in line with the exterior body colour, a one-off paint called Mystic Pearl" according to Honda.

Honda says that the "OSM is a design study model, and there are no plans for it to enter production" but it's possible that design elements of this concept car will work their way into a new generation S2000 or even a new Civic Hybrid drop top.

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