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HSV Maloo: Leaked

Motoring Channel Staff - 28/August/2007

HSV Maloo
HSV Maloo gets a wild new look

Holden VE Commodore Wagon
Holden VE Commodore Wagon

Melbourne, Australia — Images of HSV's new Maloo ute have leaked onto the Internet. This new Australian sports car, captured on camera from the recent dealer reveal, gets the same front end design as the rest of the E-Series HSV gang, which have been road tested by our boys and have been given the thumbs up.

The Maloo gets a much stronger body kit than the new 2007 Holden VE Ute range and the most startling part of the package are the side skirts. They feature dramatic air intake openings, but whether these are actually brake cooling ducts or just cosmetic dressing remains to be seen.

Expect HSV to make an announcement soon, as the HSV Maloo is set to be one of the stars at its Australian International Motor Show exhibit in Sydney later in the year. The Commodore Wagon is also likely to break cover (officially) at the Aussie motor show in Sydney.

Another model to be leaked was the VE Commodore wagon. GM Holden has remained tight lipped on the subject of the new Commodore wagon in recent times, particularly after it became known that the company hadn't dropped the model.

The images for the new VE Commodore wagon were spotted on the LS1 Forums, and appear to have been taken at a dealer launch. Though we cannot vouch for their authenticity, the stage and light scaffolding that can be seen behind the big screens suggests this was an official event.

And if you wanted to know where the VE Ute's brake lights came from, now you know. The wagon.

It appears to be a sports model, the SV6 Wagon judging by the wheel design, which would be powered by a 195kW 3.6-litre V6 motor. The V8 SS model is not a sure thing, but Holden has released limited runs of SS wagons in the past so if your dream car is an 8-cylinder wagon with a suave European design, there may be more options than just the Audi RS 4 Avant.

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