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MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne 

By Jay Williams - 14/April/2009

MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne
MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne

MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne
MAFF's plush custom seats look great

MAFF Muron Porsche Cayenne
The MAFF Porsche Cayenne is
wider than the standard model

Bucharest, Romania Another week, another Porsche Cayenne wide body kit. 

I must be missing something here:

A) in light of the current economic crisis who has the cash to splurge on a hotted up Porsche Cayenne? 

B) why would anyone want to hot up a Porsche Cayenne in the first place?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh, or am I?

Well the reason why people are wanting to tune their Porsche Cayenne's, is due to the fact of Cayenne's recent popularity which has made the car into quite a common presence on the roads.

This explains why the German made Cayenne features so heavily in many of the leading car tuners portfolios. 

Unfortunately, the big sales volume made the aftermarket industry follow in the foot steps of the stock car manufacturers.

Glancing at this beast of a machine from the front you would swear tuning company MAFF have stolen their design plans from Audi. 

Named the Muron project, customers have a rather unique choice of options to suit give each car and providing much individuality.

The MAFF's wide-body kit consists mainly of fibre-glass components, in which elements of carbon fibre have been implemented.

In addition to the wide-body kit, the front grille comes with integrated LED driving lights, headlight lips, front lip spoiler, bonnet scoops, carbon fibre door handle details, and roof spoiler to give the Porsche Cayenne an aggressive and sporty feel.

The side mirrors are even covered in carbon fibre and have LED indicators. 

The rear of the Cayenne has a sport inspired boot lid with smooth lines, and carbon fibre taillight covers set it off nicely.

Customers will also have the option of choosing what size alloy rim they want their tricked-out SUV to sit on, as well as an endless array of  paint colours and finishes to choose from. 

MAFF have their own fully-equipped paint shop in their workshop and the company says that almost any request is possible.

Interior-wise, MAFF have a very large repertoire of interior customizations. Alcantara is one of the upholstery leathers on offer and even minor details such as what type of stitching can be specified.

The over all feel of the space aged cockpit is further noted with the help of ambient lights, much like the same in the door sills which light up the Muron name.

In terms of sound systems MAFF have a whole list of well known names like Alpine, and the company says that any audio request can be fitted including LCD screens for those who like bells and whistles.

Tuning company MAFF wanted the Muron project to standout from the rest but also be able to hold it's own in the performance department.

Using the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S engine MAFF has managed to squeeze an extra 74kW from the motor. 

It says that some 'applications' can produce up to 515kW in total without compromising engine integrity. Maff can produce these numbers by using a reconfigured electronic management system, fitting bigger turbines and sportier admission systems and all the additional equipment to go with the added gear.

The MAFF electronic suspension system can be lowered by up to 80mm to improve handling as well as giving the Porsche Cayenne a more sporty look.

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