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2-stroke, twin-cylinder

Disc brakes front and rear

For those who don't just want a scooter to putt around town on, this next one may be for you.

The Formula 125 isn't a scooter that likes to nip around town - it likes to fang. If you don't like speed, look for a Piaggio, but this here 125 has got go.

Based on Italjet's 2-stroke, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, the 113cc scooter pushes out a smidge more than 10kW at the rear wheel. Combine this with a curb weight of 95kg and you have a speedy little scoot with plenty of high-quality fittings.

The twin exhaust pipe fitment suits the Formula 125 name, but the polished stainless steel exhaust system isn't just cosmetic. They help dampen the sound, which, for anyone whose ever ridden a two-stroke scoot before, can become quite noisy as they gain speed.

It uses an electric starter to bring the little two-wheeler to life, but in case of a low battery there is even a pedal kick-start. Taking advantage of Italjet's CVT (constant velocity transmission), the Formula 125 has no gears and no manual clutch. Simply twist the throttle and away you go. Dial in a few more revs, however, and the F125 really starts flying.

As a performance scooter, Italjet didn't skimp on the accessories either. To cope with fast acceleration, freeway speeds and heavy braking loads the Italjet scooter comes fitted with an ISS steering system, torsion bar and dampener up the front. At the rear is an shock absorber that can be adjusted to be softer for smooth cruising or stiffened for white knuckled thrashing.

The ISS, or independent steering system, is state of the art and incorporates a mechanical anti-dive system so there's no chance of you going head over heels into an oncoming bus.

Adding to an already solid road holding setup are disc brakes front and rear. Both are 175mm and more than capable of hauling in the 95kg feather weight.

The Formula 125 uses a centre-stand and side stand. There is even under-seat storage for a full-faced helmet or groceries.

The Formula 125 is currently Italjet's flagship model for the Australian market. It comes in Silver, Red a special Formula Williams colour.

At the end of the day, the new Italjet Formula 125 is as far from the traditional scooters as you can get. Instead it goes for modernistic flair and, in a way, it works.

Starting at $6138 (plus ORC) the Formula 125 is one of Italjet's cheapest scoots and one of its most capable, too. Click here to see a list of Italjet dealers nationwide.

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