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Nissan GT-R R35 Station Wagon Conversion 

By Jay Williams - 27/March/2009

Nissan GT-R Wagon
Nissan GT-R Station Wagon Conversion

Nissan GT-R Wagon
Judging by those quad cannons in the rear bumper,
the engine could be the GT-R's 3.8 V6 worth 353kW

Nissan GT-R Wagon
The Nissan GT-R Wagon - dreams car come true

Aichi, Japan The release of these jaw-dropping photos showing a conversion from Japanese speciality tuner Kids Heart is getting pulses racing.

Practical buyers all over the world have been dreaming of something like this: wife in the front seat, three kids in the back, then blitzing a Porsche 911 Turbo from the traffic lights in the family wagon.

See, dreams can come true. 

This unique conversion combines the front end of the new Nissan GT-R with the practical body of the Stagea M35 and was created by Kids Heart, the same group who came up with the Sileighty (Sil80), which fused the Nissan 180SX with the Nissan Silvia's easier-to-come by front panels and lights.

The Japanese-market Stagea was produced from 2001 to 2007 and is commonly referred to as the Nissan Skyline Station Wagon, probably because it is based on the Skyline/Infiniti G35 V35 platform and was offered with similar turbocharged engines.

Showcased at the Nagoya Auto Trend show, the GT-R wagon conversion is one of those vehicles that gets people talking.

However, some of the talk being heard around the office has been mixed. 

Heath, one of the part-time code monkeys who works on the technical side of Web Wombat has three kids and says "he loves the car" and "that it's a great compromise between family and sports" that doesn't have the bank-breaking "price of an Audi RS6".

But my good mate Scott in admin, who is a die hard Nissan Skyline fan, says "it's an abomination". 

He reckons its an affront "to the Skyline heritage and should never have been made." 

Emotions are running high, but I like it.

It looks mean with it's 'Gundam'-inspired lines, deep dish alloy rims and dropped ride height. It has a vivid design that stays true to Japanese culture.

The overall design, much like the GT-R super coupe, follows its own path and doesn't try to combine a European style into the design language.

It stays true to the Skyline philosophy and the attention to detail that tuning group Kids Heart has put in is impressive, with the shoulder line that travels from the flared front wheel arch and flows freely through to the rear of the car.

A quick glance at the rear of the vehicle see the same sharp lines that are present throughout the cars styling.

Some people (okay, lots of people) have expressed disgust at the back end style, but I think it's okay.

Large tail lights start off on the horizontal plane and then become thinner and travel upwards to the the roof where they are meet with what appears to be a glass roof, so you can see the clouds on a nice day.

This half family wagon, half sports car oozes aggression with it's four jumbo exhaust tips tucked nicely into the expertly moulded rear bumper.

We'd love to know what powers this vehicle, but finding the specifications has been troublesome, and we've had no word from Japanese speciality tuner Kids Heart on what kind of engine, chassis or brakes that they are running.

It's probably based on the top-end Stagea running gear, which included a 2.5-litre inline 6-cylinder twin turbo engine that managed 206 kW (276hp).

If you ask me it would be quite a shame if it wasn't equipped with the GT-R's all-new twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 engine and all-wheel drive ATESSA system that pumps out 353kW of power and 588Nm of torque.

Nissan will begin selling the GT-R coupe in Australia in April from $148,800, and the Stagea is available in Australia via the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS), and you see a few Stagea's doing the rounds in major cities.

If Nissan decided to sanction the Kids Heart conversion for the GT-R (which is about as likely as cold fusion) I'm sure it would make for some hefty competition against the likes of Audi's RS6 Avant and the BMW M5 Tourer.

  • Concept: Awesome.

  • Design: Fairly Tough.

  • Last Words: Wild Family Wagon.

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