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Nissan Qazana: Crossover Concept

Motoring Channel Staff - 4/March/2009

Nissan Qazana
Nissan Qazana

Nissan Qazana
The Qazana concept will become a reality in 2010

Nissan Qazana
The Nissan Qazana's back seats are cramped

Geneva, Switzerland Nissan has never been shy when it comes to creating bizarre concept cars, and Qazana is yet another example of this boldness.

Breaking cover at the 2009 Geneva Auto Salon, the weird concept car has an interesting message.

Matt Weaver, who is one of the lead designers at Nissan Design Europe (NDE), where the Qazana was developed, says the concept is ..."a hugely optimistic car, which is no bad thing in these difficult times. 

"Had it been created in the 1960s, it would have counted camper vans, bikes and buggies as its rivals. Infused with that same spirit, there’s nothing quite like it available today," says Mr Weaver.

Anything that can lift spirits and make people forget their financial woes is a good thing, and that's what this particular vehicle is aiming for.

Never mind that it looks silly and would ridiculed by the townsfolk, because if it makes you smile then it's accomplished its mission.

Nissan has confirmed that the Qazana concept will eventually become a production vehicle, due to be produced in 2010 and sold later that year.

Carlos Tavares, Nissan's second-in-command, stated "I am pleased to announce that the production version of Qazana will be made in Europe at our world-class manufacturing facility in Sunderland, United Kingdom in 2010."

The design is very rounded and has been cruelly likened to a Tupperware container, yet there are merits in the design.

Barn-style passenger doors improve access to the interior and would be a great addition to a production model but the small rear window wouldn't provide a clear view of what is behind the car.

Essentially a crossover vehicle, the Qazana concept is the 5-door micro SUV that is being touted as the baby brother to the Dualis (known as the Qashqai in Europe and Rogue in the United States). 

The final production design won't be as radical as this concept car, though we do hope the dinky fog lights make the transition to the production line.

The front grille and window profile are probably the only areas that will be carried over, while the production car's overall silhouette is likely resemble this concept car.

"The Qazana concept is an intelligent, all-wheel drive crossover which is masculine, agile, lean, and designed for the tough city streets," Atsushi Maeda, the chief designer at NDE says.

"Our team at Nissan Design Europe in London realized this image with the motif of a modern day beach buggy and four-seat motor-bike," adds Maeda-san.

Designed to be a compact but high-riding city SUV, the production version of this concept car will be manufactured at Nissan's Sunderland plant in the UK in 2010.

Also presented at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show was the NV200, an all-new vehicle that will compete in global small van and people carrier markets. 

Nissan says the passenger version is designed to offer accessible, practical family transportation, thanks to three rows and sliding side doors for easy access to the rear and the interior can be configured differently to accommodate up to seven occupants. 

Van and Combi versions will be introduced at a later date.

Nissan confirmed that the NV200 will be manufactured for European markets at its Spanish plant in Barcelona from the end of this year.

The Japanese company's electric car aspirations appear to be on track as well. Speaking at the press conference in Geneva, Carlos Tavares who is the executive vice president at Nissan, said: "Zero emissions mobility has incredible momentum. Nissan is ensuring it will become part of our everyday lives in Europe, sooner than you think.

"In 2011, we will deliver zero emission mobility to Europe, powered by our own battery technology. Zero emission mobility is not a solitary venture. We have enjoyed an enthusiastic display of support, having forged strategic partnerships with organisations worldwide," added Tavares.

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