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Renault Megane MkIII: Leaked

Motoring Channel Staff - 2/September/2008

Renault Megane MkIII : Leaked
Renault Megane MkIII : Leaked

Renault Megane MkIII : Leaked
The Renault Megane's lumpy rear end
has been replaced with a smoother rump

Renault Megane MkIII : Leaked
Renault's new look Megane is an entirely
conservative design, save for the hood curve

Renault Megane MkIII : Leaked
Renault hopes to take the wind out of the new
VW Golf's sails with the MkIII model Megane

Melbourne, Australia — Renault may not be the most adored brand in Australia, but on a global scale it's got lots of fans.

When the current generation Renault Megane MkII launched in 2002, it polarised opinion thanks in large part to its 'big butt', otherwise known as a jutting boot.

Well, the big butt is gone.

Website km77.com has obtained a number of official photos of the new Megane MkIII model and as the images reveal, the controversial rear end has been replaced with a less confronting style.

The rear end design is reminiscent of the Volvo C30, while the front end of the hatchback features headlight designs similar to those seen on the Renault Laguna.

One of the more daring design elements is the engine hood, which features a curved half-circle motif, but apart from this the overall design of the Renault Megane is much more conservative than the previous MkII model.

Not a great deal is known about the car, which is scheduled to be launched at the 2008 Paris Motor Show in October, save for the fact it is based on the same platform as the Nissan Dualis (Qashqai).

It will be a front-wheel drive vehicle powered by a range of efficient 4-cylinder engines, both gasoline and diesel powered, and other models are expected to be launched down the track.

This would include a Renault Megane sedan and wagon model, convertible Megane model, and a sporty 3-door hatch model.

Renault is expected to unveil a couple of innovative features or small car firsts, but we won't know what they are until the Paris Motor Show begins in earnest.

The stylish new French car addresses the criticisms levelled at its design and will do battle with vehicles like the new Volkswagen Golf, Peugeot 308, and Volvo C30.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Paris Motor Show.

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