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Road Test : Skoda Fabia RS 132TSI Wagon

Review by Tristan Tancredi - 17 October 2012

Skoda have extended their Fabia range with the release of the Skoda Fabia RS Wagon. The Fabia, based on the platform of the VW Polo, utilises VW technology with it's 7 speend DSG transmission in the RS range.

Utilising a Turbocharged Petrol Engine with Supercharger, the Fabia RS is a hell of alot of fun for a Sunday drive. If you need more from your vehicle when getting from A to B then the Skoda Fabia RS Wagon can provide that excitement.

Available in both the RS Hatch and RS Wagon, today we take a closer look at the Skoda Fabia RS Wagon.

Skoda Fabia RS 132 TSI Wagon

Make: Skoda
Model: Fabia RS 132TSI Wagon
Price: $29,990*
Transmission: 7-Speed DSG
Engine:  Turbocharged Petrol with Supercharger
 Max Power: 132 kW @ 6200rpm
Max Torque: 250Nm @ 2000-4500rpm
Fuel consumption: 6.2L* per 100kms
CO2 Emissions: 148 g per hour
Safety: N/A
Car Supplier: Skoda Australia



Drive: 4.5/5

The Skoda Fabia RS Wagon is an impressive little wagon. Merging the turbocharge with the supercharge and the result is a swift, exciting, fun driving experience.

A vehicle with a strong on-road presence, the Fabia RS Wagon can reach 0-100km/h in 7.3 seconds (The same as the RS Hatch). The only difference between the Wagon and Hatch, is the Wagon reaches maximum speeds of 226km/h (Hatch reaches 224km/h).

Although 7.3 seconds per 100kms isn't the quickest Sports Wagon on the market, the Fabia RS reacts perfectly to the drivers instructions and the turbocharged engine emits more than enough power. Taking the Wagon outside of Melbourne to windy suburbia and the Fabia RS held its own on bends and dusty roads. On Freeways and overtaking is a breeze when planting the foot to the floor.

The 7-Gear DSG Automatic Gearbox in use with the Fabia RS is a reliable, smooth and solid transmission. Utilising the paddle shifters in Sports Mode is ridiculously fun.

Above all else, this car doesn't simply get you from A to B., it makes the experience enjoyable everytime you sit behind the wheel.

Skoda Fabia RS 132 TSI Wagon

Engine: 4/5

A Turbocharged Petrol Engine with Supercharger accompanies both the Fabia RS and Fabia RS Wagon. This 4 cylinder engine provides a maximum 132 kW of Power at 6200 RPM and a maximum torque level of 250Nm at 2000 - 4500 RPM.

A refined engine to increase on-road performance whilst limiting running costs was the main objective from the folk at Skoda, so did they acheive their goals?

Providing plenty of power, the turbocharged petrol engine provides an overwhelmingly fulfilling driving experience. Smooth engine noises as you crank up through the 7-Speed DSG Gearbox combined with the blissful turbo purr, result in supreme on-road performance.

On the flip side, the vehicle did chew through more fuel than we anticipated or even Skoda recommended. Skoda claim a combined fuel usage of 6.2L per 100kms, we were nearing 9.0L per 100kms after a week of road testing in various driving modes.

Exterior: 3.5/5

Unique is one way to describe the Fabia RS Wagon, slightly strange is another. Regardless, the RS Wagon is likely to turn the head of the occassional passer-by (and not always for positive reasons).

With a distinguised bold front end, including a defining radiator grille, the Fabia RS Wagon is clearly noticable as a Skoda. Distinguished style lines run the length of the vehicle providing a sporty, yet elegant feel.

Other exterior features of the RS include; Gigaro 17" Alloy Wheels, Pronounced Wheel Arches, Curved Windscreen, Large Rear Windows and the Skoda Trademarked Tail Light Units C Shaped Cluster.

The RS Wagon measures in at 4276mm long, 1642mm wide and 2464mm wide. You will be forgiven if you think the Wagon looks narrow, in fact, it shares the same width as the RS Hatch, yet is 247mm longer. This difference results in a narrow looking wagon that looks slightly out of proportion, hence the unique (slightly strange) appearance.

Skoda Fabia RS 132 TSI Wagon

Safety: 4/5

Skodas main objective with the Fabia was to make the safest vehicle possible with a host of safety features bundled into the Fabia package.

Coming standard with Six Airbags (dual front, front side & curtain), the Fabia Wagon is also equipped with Electriconic Stability Control (including; ABS, ASR, EBD, XDL and Hill Hold Control) and Rear Parking Sensors.

The Skoda Fabia RS is yet to receive a safety rating.

Interior: 4/5

Lowering your backside into the mesh sport front seats and immediately noticeable is the high drivers position. This provides exceptional views and a high sense of control of the vehicle.

The Sports Front Seats are comfortable and provide neccessary lower back support (especially when you are throwing the car around a corner). Space-wise and there is plenty of it up front. Down back and space isn't quite as luxurious, especially for a Wagon.

The bootspace is well organised, with pockets that can be adjusted according to the size of objects. Overall there is 480 litres of bootspace available. This transforms into 1460 litres once the back seats are folded down. Very generous.

All the standard entertainment and media gizmos are standard with the Fabia RS including; Bluetooth, AUX and iPod Connectivity. The front dash is well dash is well organised yet simple. Plain yet far from complicated.

Skoda Fabia RS 132 TSI Wagon

Overall: 4/5

The Czech folk who are the brains behind Skoda should be very proud of their latest development, the Skoda Fabia RS Wagon. A well rounded, gutsy, reliable Sports Wagon.

Don't let the "unique" exterior design of the Wagon fool you, the RS Wagon is a very solid car, albeit a bit cramped in the back seats for a family of 5.

Most importantly, there's alot of joy coming your way everytime you sit behind the wheel. At $29,990 the RS Wagon is the top of the line Fabia.

* Prices are manufacturer list prices only, for the drive away price please contact your local authorised Skoda dealer.



  • Performance

  • Comfort

  • Limited Space in Back Seats

  • Narrow Looking Exterior

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