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Triciclo Pompéo: 3x More Fun

Motoring Channel Staff - 26/March/2008

Triciclo Pompeo
Triciclo Pompéo

Triciclo Pompeo
Three wheels, two seats, and one unmissable design

Triciclo Pompeo
Powered by a 250cc motorbike engine, the Triciclo
Pompéo can be filled up with petrol or ethanol fuel

Triciclo Pompeo
Is this the answer to traffic congestion?

Triciclo Pompeo
With motorbike affordability and car levels of comfort,
the Triciclo Pompéo's concept shows great promise

Brazil — Though it's not likely to see the light of day in Australia anytime soon, this new Brazilian 'trike' design is attracting a lot of attention.

It's compact, it's fuel efficient, it's cheap, and it's expected to be highly popular in Brazil where it was designed.

The Pompéo was developed by Triciclo in Brazil and is an original 3-wheeler design.

Unlike some 3-wheelers such as the Dutch-made Carver One that are built for enjoyment and are quite expensive, the Pompéo is a budget vehicle.

Designed to help reduce CO2 emissions and city congestion, the small 2.33 metre long vehicle is being readied for sale this year and uses a 250cc motorcycle engine that can run on either petrol or ethanol.

With Brazil being one of the world's largest producers of ethanol, this super-small, highly efficient flexi-fuel engine bodes well for its domestic market.

The Triciclo company has no plans to export the vehicle outside of Latin America, but the idea has legs.

For anyone who has considered buying a motorcycle or scooter to reduce their carbon footprint and help ease the congestion that strangles road transport in cities right across the globe, this vehicle will make sense.

While a motorcycles are often seen as less safe and expose the rider, who is also more vulnerable to the elements, Triciclo's affordable Pompéo offers a solution for both issues.

Because it features an enclosed cockpit, doors, seatbelts and safety systems it's potentially safer than a two-wheeler. 

The Triciclo Pompéo will also keep occupants isolated from bad weather and it's likely that a helmet will not be required when in operation - good for people with expensive haircuts.

Triciclo reckons the Pompéo will weigh less than 500kg, which should provide the vehicle with some performance as well.

Though the 0.25-litre engine is small, the vehicle's low weight will help it accelerate, though exactly how rapidly it can sprint to 100km/h is not yet known. 

The 2-seater vehicle is controlled via car-like steering wheel and pedals and offers all the comforts of a car, but at the drastically reduced price and running costs of a motorcycle.

With it's 3-wheeled setup, the dynamics of the vehicle would also differ greatly from both car and bike, and could be one of the more enjoyable modes of transport to control.

Though this particular design is not likely to make it's way to major Western car markets such as Europe and North America any time soon, the idea is very promising and would open up a whole new market segment.

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