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Road Test : Volkswagen Scirocco R - DSG

Review by Tristan Tancredi - 25 July 2012

Ever wondered what would happen when the VW Golf went a little nuts and psychotic? We're pretty sure the end result would be the VW Scirocco R. It still has the VW feel that we have all grown to love, yet it's a bit like that relative that went off the rails. A little crazy.

This use of the word "crazy" in this sense, is a positive one. Perhaps "Wild" is a better word. Nontheless the VW Scirocco R is seriously wild and ridiculously fun to drive.

A collection of all the praise this car has received would result in a quotation book bigger than "Tim Vine One Liners" (For those unaware, that's a lot of quotes). It was only last year at Top Gear Magazine heaped awards at the Scirocco and it was runner up for Wheels Car of the Year.

So without further adou, let's dissect the VW Scirocco R - 6-Speed DSG Automatic.

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Scirocco R
Price: $49,990* (DSG) / $47,490* (Manual)
Transmission: 6-Speed DSG
Engine: 2.0 Litre TSI Engine
 Max Power: 180Kw
Max Torque: 330Nm
Fuel consumption: 8.1l* per 100kms
CO2 Emissions:
Safety: 5 Star Euro NCAP
Car Supplier: Volkswagen Australia



Drive: 4.5/5

The DSG Gearbox ticks all the boxes, none moreso than it's rapid fire movement up the gears. And that powerful noise between changes. Wow. We'll admit, we found ourselves doing it unnecessarily just for a kick. (Maybe there was a tad bit of showing-off).

Sports mode is available to get even more from the DSG transmission and paddle shifters on the steering wheel allow the driver to administer gear changes at will for a bit of fun. The chunky steering wheel is the perfect style fit for this sporty beast.

"The Scirocco R has been created specifically for those who value performance, individuality and precision engineering".  We ripped this quote straight out of the Scirroco Brochure and we feel it summarises the car perfectly. Performance is world class.

Powered by front wheel drive, the car handles corners exceptionally well and grips the road with ease. We certainly had no problems with steering, braking or suspension.

The VW Scirocco is highly recommeded for motorists who love to have an enjoyable, fun driving experience everytime they sit behind the wheel.

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Engine: 5/5

A 2.0 Litre TSI 4 Cylinder Inline Turbo Direct Injection Pertrol Engine powers the VW Scirocco and provides plenty of excitement.

By excitement, we mean delivering maximum power of 180kW and max torque of 330Nm. In laymans terms, that translates to ridiculous speed and on road performance.

And by ridiculous speed and on-road performance we mean 0-100kmp/h in 6 Seconds (6.1 seconds for the 6 Speed Manual). Some pretty decent numbers there.

Depending on how you drive will depend on fuel consumption, obviously. VW claim that fuel consumption sits at 8.1L per 100kms, however if most people drove it like we drove it (and we reckon they will), fuel consumption figures are likely to rise.

Exterior: 4.5/5

If you want a head turner at around the $50,000 mark, look no further than the Scirocco. It's sexy, sleek and had countless youths and adults alike, ogling at it from a distance the day we took it into inner city Melbourne.

Perhaps it's the Talladega 19" Alloy Wheels that steal the hearts of many young, avid car lovers. But for us, it's the concoction of the radiator grille up front with the "R" logo, the sleek contoured lines running along the side of the car delivering a very sporty feel and the dual exhaust sitting up back (the instruments for the glorious exhaust symphony).

At night and the Blue Scirocco we were testing truly came to life. Bi-Xenon headlights illumuniate the road ahead and give the Scirocco a special, prestigious glow. It is truly a beautiful car to look at.

If any negativity at all, perhaps it is a little low for practical, everyday use. Personally, we loved the sporty low on-road stance, but we're a little biased, we love fast cars!

The Scirocco measures in at 4255mm long, 1820mm wide and 1410mm tall.

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Safety: 4/5

A 5 Star Euro NCAP rating is afforded to the Scirocco which has come to be expected from a VW.

A host of safety features include; Six Airbags (twin front, front side and full length curtain), Traction Control (EDL, ASR and ESP), Braking Assist (ABS and EBD), Safety Optimised Head Restraints and Hill Start Assist.

We hate cars that don't offer spare wheels in the boot. And we know many motorists agree with that sentiment. Why VW has offered a compressor and sealant is what we want to know. Hence why it lost points.

Interior: 4/5

The low on road stance makes getting inside a little trickier than normal. Let's just say if you were picking up Granny for a trip to the RSL, she made need help getting in and out of this car.

Even a fit, strapping young lad or lass may need some practice slipping into the low sports seats.

Once inside and the fabric grey/black sport seating with a mesh appearance offer supreme comfort and support. The R logo on both front seats sits prominently at the top, just to remind occupants, this car is fast.

Down back and two well sized, practical seats fit neatly into the compact rear. The only issue we encountered with the seating was restricted space for larger people.

Small side mirrors and a small rear vision mirror combine to provide restricted rear vision. Combine this with a tiny back window and rear views are far from fantastic.

Other interior features of the Scirocco include; A Satellite Navigation System, A Premium Audio System (Sound quality is top notch), Bluetooth and Cruise Control.

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Overall: 4.5/5

Volkswagen continues with its love of the word "Wind", Scirocco derives from the Italian word for the Mediterranean wind. Like the Passat (German word for Trade Wind), Golf (Gulf Stream) and so on, Wind is prominent in the land of VW.

"Mediterranean Wind" is fitting as the Scirocco truly has a mediterannean feel about it. The blue VW Scirocco we had the pleasure of driving would not look out of place on the streets of Sicily. (And it sure does move like the wind).

The 6-Speed DSG Automatic is a remarkable car, yet we couldn't help but think the 6 Speed Manual would be even better. Nontheless, the DSG 6-Speed Auto is a bloody good car.

* Prices are manufacturer list prices only, for the drive away price please contact your local authorised Volkswagen dealer.



  • Extreme Performance

  • On-Road Handling

  • No Spare Wheel

  • Rear Vision Visibility

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