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Old School Horsepower Hero: 12.9-litre V8 Cobra

Motoring Channel Staff - 24/Feb/2006

Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition
Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition

Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition
With 1760Nm of torque, this car will accelerate
from 0-200km/h in less than 5.0 seconds. Wow

Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition
Note the twin air filters that adorn the engine

Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition
Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition

Now this is something for the horsepower heroes out there: an AC Cobra replica assembled in Germany that features a 780 cubic inch V8. That's a truly huge engine, and the Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition is no slouch - the company claims the vehicle is the "world’s most powerful car is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine with the highest power output and torque of all road-legal cars".

In the metric scale, the engine measures 12.9-litres, or more than twice the size of the latest Holden Commodore 6.0-litre V8, and features internals that have been precision machined to Formula 1 standards.

Air scoops can be seen on many vehicles to show off, but here it is a technical necessity since this air scoop and the engine bonnet make room for the huge engine that Weineck says will slurp half a litre of fuel just by depressing the accelerator momentarily as the  high-performance carburetor system feeds the engine.

The German tuning company has not released 0-100km/h performance numbers because apparently they are not relevant. Instead, the Weineck Cobra 780CUI will rocket from 0-200km/h in 4.9 seconds, and does the 0-300km/h dash in 10 seconds flat.

The 12.9-litre V8 engine can rev to 8000rpm, developing peak power of 809kW or 1100hp @ 7000rpm, which would be enough energy to power a small village in Iceland.

Torque levels for the old-school engine are even more stunning - 1760Nm @ 5600rpm.

Weineck says that the world’s most powerful, strongest and quickest accelerating road-legal car is also equipped with a number of modern driving aids, such as ASR, ESP, ABS and so on. The company claims that even half-way up its rev range - to 4000rpm - the Weineck Cobra accelerates faster than any other super car when fully driven, and that the accelerator pedal always has to be operated very gently and with respect.

"Words cannot describe what will happen if you want to experience the full potential of this ULTIMATE driving machine," says Weineck. "There is just no comparison with anything ever built to be used on the road!!!"

"What happens above 5000rpm is too much for human vocabulary. It’s more like Sol 5 on Starship Enterprise! You feel like being in a time machine with corners approaching so fast that you just won't believe it. From now on, your brain and body have to work at maximum speed. Otherwise it is better not to enter this world…" Dire warning indeed, but this is a truly insane vehicle.

The Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition is being built using a MIG welded, self-supporting tubular frame (diameter 4-inches) to absorb the incredibly high torsion forces created by the engine, and carbon composite materials are also used to reinforce the body for maximum rigidity.

Made from aluminium and titanium, the suspension system includes a continuously variable coil spring system in conjunction with a specially engineered high-performance brake system (based on Brembo components) with internally ventilated, punched brake discs (front and rear axle) for the highest levels of active safety.

On the front axle, the Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition is equipped with special Weineck 3-piece 18-inch wheels and intermediate tyres of the dimension 255/40 ZR18. On the rear axle, tyres of the size 315/35 ZR18 are fitted to 18-inch rims.

Power is transferred to the rear axle via a 4-speed extra high-performance gearbox, while the driveshafts and rear axle (equipped with a 75% limited slip differential) are designed for more than 2000Nm of torque.

The interior of the Weineck Cobra 780 cui Limited Edition will be designed individually to meet any customer’s wishes. Normally, the finest British leather is being used for the upholstery of the seats, but custom options are offered nonetheless. All colours, pipings and sewings can be individually chosen and the rest of the passenger compartment is finished by using velour carpets.

For the dashboard, classic Smith instruments are being used and in case of rain, the car is equipped with a soft top to protect both the driver and the interior and if requested, a fixed hardtop is also available.

Each unit of the Weineck Cobra 780 cui Limited Edition is a unique masterpiece of German Engineering. All products used to build a Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition are engineered and produced by Weineck in Bad Gandersheim, Germany. With a weight-to-power ratio of 0.9Kg/hp, 12.9-litres of engine capacity, 1100hp and 1760Nm of torque, this is quite possibly the ultimate driving machine, a vehicle with the kind of acceleration that would make Enzo Ferrari gasp.

Weineck will build just 15 units worldwide, which will also make it one of the rarest super cars on the planet.


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