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Weekly Horoscopes As a New Moon appears on the horizon and we enter the cycle of Pisces what do the Stars portend for you. Money, health, a new job or something more exciting? Weekly Horoscopes
Movies :
Shutter Island Based on the best selling novel by Dennis Lehane, Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island is a twisted tale of psychological suspense that unfolds in a hospital for the criminally insane. Yummy! Movies : Shutter Island
Movies : From Paris With Love What do they do with aging actors in Hollywood? Well, it appears, they shave their heads, pump them full of celluloid testosterone and send them out to shoot up all that moves and call it a movie. Movies : From Paris With Love
Recipe This Cheese Stuffed Capsicum recipe is for the diet conscious and is suitable for those who are vegetarians and is flavoursome and good in protein. Only contains 546 kilojoules and serves four people. Recipe
Games : BioShock 2 Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past so says our resident game addict. Games : BioShock 2
Movies : Movie Trailers What's coming up at the movies? See trailers for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Leaves Of Grass, Cats and Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too and more!. Movies : Movie Trailers
Motoring :
Suzuki SX4 WebWombatMotoring reports that Suzuki has launched a new SX4 line-up, delivering more power, more fuel efficiency and more safety. Motoring : Suzuki SX4
500 Days
Of Summer When a lightweight relationship segues into a lightweight breakup it makes for a fairly lightweight viewing experience no matter how charming it seems, was the view of WebWombatDVD. DVD Review : 500 Days Of Summer
Music : Angus & Julia Stone Our WebWombatMusic guru finds this album as a departure from the naïve, innocent music which we have seen from the Stones, Down the Way and anticipates it opening a few doors internationally. Music : Angus & Julia Stone
Travel : Nullarbor Links Ever wondered what it would be like to play golf on a course where every hole had a 19th waiting for you? Well, it's called Nullarbor Links and it's waiting for you in Outback Australia. Travel : Nullarbor Links
Movies : Boxoffice What movie is topping the charts this week? Avatar has been knocked off the perch in the USA but still there in Australia. WebWombatMovies brings it to you. Movies : Boxoffice
Motoring : Honda Jazz Vibe According to our WebWombatMotoring writer Honda has announced the release of a Limited Edition Honda Jazz called the "Vibe". Motoring : Honda Jazz Vibe
of the Week This week our Wine Connoisseur samples a Hesketh "Perfect Stranger" Gruner Veltliner 2008 from Austria & an Evans & Tate Classic Red 2008 from the Margaret River. Wine of the Week
Weekly Horoscopes In this last week under the influence of the Water-Carrier what is in store for you? Will Aquarians have love, luck, licence or lunacy? Read and find out more! Weekly Horoscopes
Movies : Dear John It's the movie which finally knocked off James Cameron's record breaking run at #1 at the US Box Office - but what's it all about? Let WebWombatMovies give you a peek. Movies : Dear John
Motoring : Volvo S60 Our WebWombatMotoring writer reports that the all-new Volvo S60 is set to be unveiled at next month's Geneva Motor Show and released in Australian at the end of this year. Motoring : Volvo S60
: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief Move over Harry Potter, there is a new kid in town and he is a little bit cooler and has no trouble with his eye sight, says our WebWombatMovies reviewer. Movies : Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
Recipe A little bit of decadence in a devilish dessert. An Apple Crisp with a dollop of thickened cream or ice-cream. Simple to make and don't feel guilty about savouring it with a sweet dessert wine. Recipe
Lifestyle :
Organic Gardening A succulent garden near busy Camberwell Junction with dense jungle-like foliage and flowers and a market garden of luscious fruits and vegetables. Lifestyle : Organic Gardening
Music : Groove Armada Our man with a fine taste in music defines this album as perfect for putting on when sitting in a pool with a beverage, yet also will get you in the right mood before a big night out. Music : Groove Armada
Movies : A Prophet Our WebWombatMovies reviewer describes this a a mix of documentary-style realism with a more traditional crime story plot: the result is never less than enthralling. Movies : A Prophet
Motoring : Subaru Outback 3.6R Our WebWombatMotoring writer test drove the Subaru Outback 3.6R. He found it has everything, from push-start ignition with smart key & rain sensing wipers, to dusk sensing headlights. Motoring : Subaru Outback 3.6R
Valentine's Day Less than two shopping days left to Valentine's Day. Has it become too commercial? Is it a day for romance or do we just feel the pressure of having to perform? Valentine's Day
Game : Fallout: New Vegas Check out the latest screenshots & trailer of the soon to be released game Fallout: New Vegas. Lot's of other upcoming releases to peek at as well. Upcoming Game : Fallout: New Vegas
Motoring : Toyota Prius Recall Toyota Japan & Toyota Australia have initiated a safety recall on its current generation Prius vehicles launched in Australia in July 2009, reports our WebWombatMotoring writer. Motoring : Toyota Prius Recall
DVD Review
: Imagine That Our WebWombatDVD reviewer found this as not completely unwatchable, but, at the end of the day, it is simply too slow, too unsure of its audience and just too bland. DVD Review : Imagine That
Travel : Niagara On The Lake According to our intrepid Traveller, if you're heading to Niagara Falls have a few days at picturesque Niagara on the Lake or visit the Swayze and Courthouse Cottages. Travel : Niagara On The Lake
of the Week This week our wine connoisseur savours the taste of a McWilliam 1877 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2005 and Lillypilly's unusual Red Velvet 2009, an amazing blend of 12 wines. Wine of the Week
Music :
Blackroc According to our WebWombatMusic man wearing the headset, Blakroc isn't ground-breaking, but it is authentic, creative, entertaining and very, very cool. Music : Blackroc
Weekly Horoscopes Let's look into the future with our exploration of the Stars. Is it going to be good health, romance, good fortune or, dread the thought, the opposite for you for the week ahead? Weekly Horoscopes
Finance : Top 10 Life Insurance Tips Insurance is an investment in our future that we often procrastinate about. But it's vital for a balanced investment portfolio. Make sure we choose correctly. Finance : Top 10 Life Insurance Tips
Travel : Portugal's Famous Tarts Our intrepid WebWombatTravel writer tried his best to discover the secret of the Belem Tart recipe, even tracking down a waiter who has worked at the patisserie for nearly 40 years. Travel : Portugal's Famous Tarts
Movies :
Edge of Darkness If you like your conspiracies grim and your heroes ruthless, Edge of Darkness does everything you could ask for according to our WebWombatMovie reviewer. Movies : Edge of Darkness
Recipe This Seafood Casserole is quick, easy to make and nutritious dish. Serves four people. Includes peppers, celery mushrooms, apples, bean-shoot and, of course, seafood. Recipe
Music : The Unthanks Make no mistake; this is a beautiful, gentle album that folk-pop fans will cream their Gingham dresses for, so says our WebWombatMusic reviewer. Music : The Unthanks
Motoring : BMW M5 Recent images have emerged of the 2012 BMW M5, which means the German car maker will not be far off from releasing details of its flagship model, reports our WebWombatMotoring writer. Motoring : BMW M5
Movies :
Precious According to our WebWombatMovie reviewer this film swings between being yet another trite "inspiring" tale of high school poverty to a raw‑knuckle attack on those very same stories. Movies : Precious
Motoring :
Porsche 911 Is this the next-generation Porsche 911, codenamed the 998, to replace the current model in 2011. Get an inside from our WebWombatMotoring writer. Motoring : Porsche 911
Music : Passion Pit Passion Pit know how to party and put on what, is sure to be, one of the best live shows of this year. My head's still reeling from the electro fuzz madness. Music : Passion Pit
Review : The Taking of Pelham 123 Cool theme music, convincing sense of urban grit, solidly believable thriller plotting, down-to-earth characters and a wry sense of humour running throughout. DVD Review : The Taking of Pelham 123
of the Week This week we sample a Marlborough Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc, 2006 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon & Nugan Estate's 2006 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines of the Week
Eating Out
: Moorilla Estate On the Derwent River, near Hobart sits Moorilla Estate with its winery, the largest private art museum in the Southern Hemisphere (MONA) and a first class restaurant in The Source. Eating Out : Moorilla Estate
Movies :
Daybreakers Here is a movie with a bit of bite. A bite in the neck with a lot of blood. This is what happens when the world is ruled by vampires facing resistance from red-blooded, juicy humans. Who wins out? Movies : Daybreakers
Australian & USA Boxoffice You wouldn't be wrong if you said Avatar was topping the charts this week, but what about all those other movies that are showing and have have been caught in its shadow. Australian & USA Boxoffice
Motoring : Allan Moffat Our WebWombatMotoring motoring writer reports that Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has announced that racing legend Allan Moffat will be appointed as their official Ambassador. Motoring : Allan Moffat
DVD Review : G Force G Force does have its moments, but unless you really love guinea pigs an action movie with humans actually doing the stunts might better suit your fantasies. DVD Review : G Force
Music : The Almost This second album from The Almost is a powerful cohesive mixture of emo garage punk, heavy metal & acoustic blues, says our WebWombatMusic reviewer. Music : The Almost
Books : Paths of Glory Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer about George Mallory, the man who was credited with having said, when asked, "Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?", replied simply, "Because it's there". Books : Paths of Glory
Game Cheat :
Mass Effect 2 If you're stuck on a game then we may be able to help you out with our extensive database of hints and cheats. Today we have Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360 platform. Game Cheat : Mass Effect 2
Weekly Horoscopes Our weekly horoscopes are up again. What is in store for you for the first week of February, health, wealth or happiness, or somthing else entirely? Weekly Horoscopes
Fashion : Anna
Wintour We profile the fashion icon, Anna Wintour. She is one name in fashion to fear and praise in equal parts as Vogue Magazine editor and inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada. Fashion : Anna Wintour
Review : Drag Me To Hell After the billion dollar Spider-Man franchise, director, Sam Raimi returns to the horror genre, in which he has made his name, with Drag Me To Hell - lots of weirdness & gore. DVD Review : Drag Me To Hell
Movie :
Law Abiding Citizen Murder, mayhem, good-guys, bad-guys, vigilantes, robotic murderers - it all adds up to a mixture of ... well, mayhem and madness according to our reviewer. Movie : Law Abiding Citizen
Post : Big Day Out A post-mortum on the Melbourne Big Day Out for 2010 with all the local and international events. In Adelaide today before it next travels to and wraps up in Perth. Post : Big Day Out
Motoring : Honda Civic Type R Our WebWombatMotoring writer test drove .the Civic Type R and found it vastly different to its rivals on numerous levels. Read what he had to say. Motoring : Honda Civic Type R
Valentine's Day If you are thinking of doing something special for your Valentine this year, then don't leave it until the last moment and miss out ... 2 WEEKS TO GO.. Valentine's Day
Review : Aliens In The Attic If you are running out of things to do with the kids with the holidays nearly over then go hire/buy this one. Hopefully it won't rev them up too much. DVD Review : Aliens In The Attic
Movies : The Road In this ultra-bleak adaptation of the novel of a post-apocalyptic world Viggo Mortensen is excellent as the father and Kodi Smit-McPhee is equally impressive as the son.. Movies : The Road
Travel : Langkawi,
Malaysia A fable about the gods and a beautiful woman and tidal waves and destruction. All from a beautiful island off Malaysia. Travel : Langkawi, Malaysia
Motoring : Honda Accord From 2010 the Honda Accord will receive curtain airbags as standard across the entire range along with some other minor modifications to the design. Motoring : Honda Accord
The Arts : Chantale
Delrue Chantale Delrue's artistic career has taken her from Belgium to Japan, Mexico, California & Australia. For the last three decades she has been living in Tasmania. The Arts : Chantale Delrue
DVD Review
: Funny People Starring Adam Sandler & Seth Rogen & directed by Judd Apatow, our WebWombatDvd reviewer feels there is a lot to like about Funny People. DVD Review : Funny People
Music Interview : Kasabian Our interviewer after steeling himself for an interview with a dour pair of hung over, hooliganistic musicians, found them to be among the warmest, friendliest men in rock'n'roll today. Music Interview : Kasabian
Wines of the Week Our wine connoisseur sampled a 2007 BlackJack Cabernet Merlot & a Deen De Bortoli Vat 7 2008 Chardonnay. He also had a tipple of a Climbing Wines 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. Wines of the Week
DVD Review : Orphan Our WebWombatDVD reviewer say this has an ending you won't expect but what else with an innocent child who has a calculating and psychotic ability to kill. DVD Review : Orphan
Weekly Horoscopes Here we are in the last week of January 2010, yes, the first month nearly over. How are things going to pan out for you over the week ahead? Check your Stars to find out! Weekly Horoscopes
Games: Darksiders Our WebWombatGames reviewer battles the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the sacred Charred Council, vengeful Angels, demons and the forces of Hell, but does he come up trumps? Games: Darksiders
Australia Day Activities On the 26th January we celebrate Australia Day. There will be so much to see and do and most of it FREE. Get out with the family and friends and participate. Australia Day Activities
: Trailers Have a sneak peek at what's coming up at the movies. Lots of short movie trailers and insightful commentary about soon to be released blockbusters, and not so blockbusters. Movies : Trailers
Recipe A thick creamy Zucchini Soup. Easy to make and freeze for later re-heating. Dip in some chucky crusty bread and enjoy as a snack or as an entré to the main course. Recipe
Motoring :
Lexus IS CCS Our WebWombatMotoring writer talks about the mysterious Lexus IS Circuit Club Sport Concept car which was on display at this months Tokyo Auto Salon show. Motoring : Lexus IS CCS
Music : A Man Called Son Our WebWombatMusic reviewer found Ruins Of Our Town a serene indie pop record perfect for a balmy summer night. Listen and immerse in the sounds only heard on the streets of your town. Music : A Man Called Son
Movies : Invictus Clint Eastwood as director, with his rock-steady touch, tells the story of how Nelson Mandela held South Africa together through the power of Rugby. Movies : Invictus
: Honda Hybrid CR-Z The Honda CR-Z sports hybrid made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show this month and will be making its debut in Europe at the 80th Geneva International Motor Show in March. Motoring : Honda Hybrid CR-Z
Wine : Varietals Check out our new database of wine varieties. Easy to read and easy to locate the wine of your choice. And, better still, we are constantly adding new wines to the list. Wine : Varietals
Motoring : More Calendars More for the petrol head. If you appreciate a good Formula One race then we provide you with a timetable for 2010. And just follow the links to the World Superbike & Moto GP World Championship calendars. Motoring : More Calendars
Event : Valentine's Day It's 24 days until Valentine's Day. The significance of this day goes back many centuries but in more recent times is has become a marketing bonanza. What does it really mean? Event : Valentine's Day
Travel : Cruising Malaga to Madeira Cruising for a whole 12 nights from Malaga in Spain to Madeira in Portugal and then, across the Atlantic to San Juan in the Caribbean - sun, salt and relaxation. Travel : Cruising Malaga to Madeira
Joke of the Day How the dumb blonde joke originated is unknown, but it is speculated it has something to do with how blonde babies are perceived, as innocent and naive. Is that explanation a joke? Joke of the Day
Nine Nine is a vibrant and provocative musical that follows the life of Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) as he reaches a creative and personal crisis of epic proportions. Movies: Nine
DVD : Fame -
The Extended Dance Edition Fame! on Blu-ray. We seem to be reviewing a lot of the old dance genre of late. Seems our WebWombatDVD reviewer loves a good toe tapping musical. DVD : Fame - The Extended Dance Edition
Motoring : Hyundai YF Sonata Hyundai YF Sonata sells more than 1,000 vehicles per day since its debut in its domestic market and soon to be released onto the Australian market. Motoring : Hyundai YF Sonata
Music : Blockhead The Music Scene by Blockhead is of type that would provide a seamless backdrop to a lazy Sunday afternoon but sits comfortably as the soundtrack for a cool cocktail bar or funky eatery. Music : Blockhead
Motoring : V8 Supercars For all petrol heads who have a passion for the mighty V8, check out when and where the V8 Supercars will be racing in 2010 on our calendar of events. Motoring : V8 Supercars
DVD Review : B-Girl If you like break dancing, watch this movie. Because that's about all you're going to get out of it. There may not be much of a plot, but there's plenty of dancing. DVD Review : B-Girl
Wines of the Week This week our wine connoisseur samples and recommends the lower alcohol McWilliams Balance Shiraz & Balance Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and the Mick's Bin 56; Tim's 2005 Cabernet blend. Wines of the Week
Movie : Up In
The Air Director, Jason Reitman teams up with Oscar winner George Clooney, Vera Farmiga & Jason Bateman for a film which has more Oscar buzz surrounding more than any other recent release. Movie : Up In The Air
Weekly Horoscopes Your Stars will reveal the future for you. Capricorn is in the decent with Aquarius on the rise. For Aquarians, expect a surprise visit from an old acquaintance. Weekly Horoscopes
Music :
Ronan Keating The album Stay contains beautiful ballads plus collaboration with Australia's own Kate Cebrano but it fails to reach the same heights as his previous albums. Music : Ronan Keating
Recipe : Fairy
Cakes Simple to make Fairy Cakes with jam topping and sprinkled with icing sugar. Always a treat at children's parties. Recipe : Fairy Cakes
Travel :
Hobart, Tasmania With brochures, including The Farm Gate Guide, Tasmania's Wine Routes, and the flyers for Cadbury's Factory and Cascade Brewery I set off to explore Hobart. Travel : Hobart, Tasmania
Motoring : Honda Accord V6 Our WebWombatMotoring writer took a Honda Accord 6 out for a spin around the highways and byways of Melbourne and shares his thoughts with all of us. Motoring : Honda Accord V6
Movie : Tooth
Fairy From our perspective, the gags are cheesy, the story predictable - but that's what kids movies need to deliver, and Tooth Fairy gives everything required without ever excelling or disappointing. Movie : Tooth Fairy
Theatre : Sydney Comedy Festival The 6th Sydney Comedy Festival will open in April and it looks to be the biggest and best yet, with stars from stage, screen and TV ready to perform throughout Sydney. Theatre : Sydney Comedy Festival
DVD Review : The Wizards of Waverly Place Our WebWombatDVD reviewer found this one to be formulaic, predictable and been done many times before, but also found the acting, script and comedy surprisingly good. DVD Review : The Wizards of Waverly Place
Motoring : Audi e-tron WebWombatMotoring looks at the Audi e-tron Detroit Showcar which is a further development of the e-tron concept launched at the recent 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Motoring : Audi e-tron
Interview :
Stars of Bran Nue Dae WebWombatMovies talks to some of Bran Nue Dae's cast members, including Jessica Mauboy, Dan Sultan and Rocky McKenzie. Interview : Stars of Bran Nue Dae
Australian Movie Box Office If you can't guess which movie is topping the box office this week then you haven't been to the movies. And it's doing 7X more in the USA. Australian Movie Box Office
Motoring : Impreza R WebWombatMotoring reports that Subaru is applying the Federal Government's full tariff reduction to maintain the recommended driveaway price on its Impreza R. Motoring : Impreza R
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