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Wine of the Week This week our wine connoisseur samples a Margaret River Brad Cabernet Merlot 2008 and a Mount Benson La Lune Botrytis Semillon 2009. Nice for a tipple! Wine of the Week
Motoring : 2010 Ducati 1198 S The 1198 S has everything of the 1198 model but with the addition of top-of-the-range suspension, lightweight chassis components and the DTC traction control system. Motoring : 2010 Ducati 1198 S
Travel : Santorini, Greece Our WebWombatTravel writer travels around this small circular volcanic archipelago located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200km southeast from Greece's mainland. Travel : Santorini, Greece
Movies : The Last Song According to our WebWombatMovie reviewer this may not be the greatest movie of all time, in fact, it may come close to a slice of fruit we shouldn't add to a cold Corona beer. Movies : The Last Song
Games : Red Dead Redemption Our WebWombatGames expert reports that Red Dead Redemption is due for release in Australia & NZ on Xbox 360 & PS3 on next month. See a video clip of the game here. Games : Red Dead Redemption
Mid-Week Recipe The Cassoulet de Toulouse is a traditional France winter stew. A warm, hearty dish that is great for those cold winter nights. Not to be tackled lightly. Mid-Week Recipe
DVD Review : Capitalism: A Love Story According to our WebWombatDVD reviewer this is another eye opening affair by Michael Moore into a world very few know about or understand, and that can only be a good thing. DVD Review : Capitalism: A Love Story
Motoring : Fanning & His FPV Mick Fanning, who is competing in this year's surfing championhip at Bells Beach, talks about his brand new Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) F6 Ute. Surfer and Ute, it's self evident really! Motoring : Fanning & His FPV
Movie Trailers : Future Releases Take a sneek peek at what's coming up at the movies. We have trailers for, the eagerly awaited for, The Runaways, After.Life & The Twilight Saga : Eclipse. Movie Trailers : Future Releases
Music : Chris Smither Our WebWombatMusic guru found Leave The Light On not an album that will jump out at you at the record shops, but as one of those rare albums you'll have to chase up yourself. Music : Chris Smither
Weekly Horoscopes What do the Stars have in store for you this week? Read them and be prepared. Is it wealth, health or happiness or a combination of all. Weekly Horoscopes
Travel : Canal du Midi, France The Canal du Midi, France not just a zone for cyclists and boaters but a world heritage listed oeuvre d'art, a hydraulic and structural engineering feat and one of the worlds first designed landscapes. Travel : Canal du Midi, France
Movies : Kick-Ass Our WebWombatMovie reviewer feels that if you find ultra-violence, Adam West impersonations and someone put in a giant microwave funny, then welcome to your new favourite film. Movies : Kick-Ass
Boxoffice What is everybody watching at the movies? Find out which movies are raking in the cash this week, which are flying up the charts and which are on the way out. Movie Boxoffice
Motoring : Ford Focus RS500 Our WebWombatMotoring writer thinks the standard Focus RS wasn't enough for the people at Ford as they've now produced a more powerful, limited edition Focus RS500. Motoring : Ford Focus RS500
DVD Review : Where The Wild Things Are Our WebWombatDVD reviewer suggests parents should get their kids away from those TVs, fill them with chocolate and prepare them to see something of the likes of the classic 1980s adventure films. DVD Review : Where The Wild Things Are
Motoring : Subaru Impreza WRX Our WebWombatMotoring writer reports that Subaru has announced that it will officially launch its 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX models at the New York International Auto Show. Motoring : Subaru Impreza WRX
Weekly Horoscope What do the Stars say for the rest of this month? Well, read them and see. Health, wealth or happiness. Maybe you'll be reunited with that long lost lover or friend. Weekly Horoscope
Education : Teaching English (TESOL) Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, (TESOL), refers to the use and study of the English language by natives of a country who do not speak English. Education : Teaching English (TESOL)
Games : White Knight Chronicles Our resident games tester has played and reviewed White Knight Chronicles, a fantasy role-playing video game; games developer, Level-5's first project for the Playstation 3. Games : White Knight Chronicles
Road Test : Nissan Maxima 250 ST-L This week our motoring journalist got behind the wheel of the amazing Nissan Maxima 250 ST-L and took it out for a test spin over a number of days. What did he think of it? Road Test : Nissan Maxima 250 ST-L
Recipe A warm, hearty dish that is great for those cold Autumn nights. Serves as a delicious appetizer before the main meal. Eat with some crunchy ciabatta. Recipe
Movies : The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo According to our WebWombatMovie reviewer this is a solid thriller that manages to keep the many twists and turns easy-to-follow without losing any of the grim and foreboding atmosphere. Movies : The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Theatre : Melbourne Comedy Festival This is now one of Australia's largest annual events, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival literally takes over Australia's (and next the World!) as comedy and theatre capital. Theatre : Melbourne Comedy Festival
Lifestyle : Sports Injuries Playing sport is not without risk. A recent report declared that each year one in 17 Australians is sidelined as result of a sports injury. Find out what to do and what not to do in the event of an injury. Lifestyle : Sports Injuries
Motoring : New Chairman & MD For Holden Our WebWombatMotoring writer reports that Holden has announced Mike Devereux as the new Chairman and Managing Director of the Australian operation of GM Holden. Motoring : New Chairman & MD For Holden
DVD Review : Dance Flick Dance Flick is pretty much 80 minutes of those forgettably mandatory R&B dance references that seem to have been included in every spoof since Date Movie. DVD Review : Dance Flick
Review : Harry Potter With so many movies out there, which can be anything from amazingly good to utter crap, the Harry Potter series have all fallen within a pretty narrow band of quality. DVD Review : Harry Potter
DVD Review : 500 Days Of Summer As our WebWombatDVD reviewer sees it, when a lightweight relationship segues into a lightweight breakup it makes for a lightweight viewing experience no matter how charming it seems. DVD Review : 500 Days Of Summer
Travel : Wallangarra Our WebWombatTravel writer visits Wallangarra is Southern Queensland which is renowned for the Granite Belt wineries nearby, 4 National Parks and the hideout of bushranger Frederick Ward or, as he was known Thunderbolt. Travel : Wallangarra
Movies : Brothers The words "American remake" usually sends a chill down the spine of even the toughest movie-goers, but this remake, of a 2004 Danish film - the whole thing comes off. Movies : Brothers
Wine of the
Week Our wine connoisseur this week samples a Katnook Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2009 & a Kirrihill's Single Vineyard Tullymore Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. All in a day's work. Wine of the Week
Motoring : Subaru & AWD Our WebWombatMotoring writer reports that the Subaru's upcoming flagship car, codenamed the 216A will not come with AWD. Read the laterst here! Motoring : Subaru & AWD
Relationships & Love While romance is exciting, it is eroded over time by the increasing intrusion of real life and the need to work, pay the bills, to even the loss of that mystique in the relationship. Some tips to keep the flame burning. Relationships & Love
Movies : The Bounty Hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). Movies : The Bounty Hunter
Movies : Cop
Out General movie goers will take it or leave it, fans of 1980s cop flicks will adore it, while Smith fans will likely be pining for a cameo from Jay & Silent Bob. Movies : Cop Out
Motoring : Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z Our WebWombatMotoring writer gets a first look at what the Spoon Sports tuning specialists have done to the Honda Sport Hybrid CR-Z. Motoring : Spoon Sports Honda CR-Z
Recipe An easy to make and basic treat for all the family. Call it a buscuit or call it a cake it's so simple to make, just base, filling & topping. 10 ingredients in all. Recipe
Wine of the Week This is a remarkable box set that is a must have for all dry-comedy lovers. Join the misadventures of the nefarious and hilarious Edmund Blackadder on his riotous romp through history. DVD Review : BlackAdder
Music : Frightened Rabbit Given the value of this album, one can say with a fair deal of confidence that we'll be seeing and hearing plenty more from Frightened Rabbit. Music : Frightened Rabbit
Motoring : Lexus LFA Special Edition We look at the Lexus LFA SE. It comes with a fixed carbon fibre reinforced polymer spoiler & front bumper Canards which are used to aerodynamically tune the handling of the car. Motoring : Lexus LFA Special Edition
Travel : An Underground B&B Their address proves it: PJ's Undergound Bed & Breakfast is located at Dugout 72, Turleys Hill, White Cliffs NSW. The ultimate in Green living? Travel : An Underground B&B
Health : Chlamydia Anyone with a TV set will have noticed a strange increase in the number of STD awareness ads currently being pushed onto our screens by the Australian goverment. What does it all mean? Health : Chlamydia
Games : Hints & Cheats If you're stuck on anyone of these; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360 & PS3), Avatar: The Game (Xbox 360 & PS3), BioShock 2 (PS3) & Heavy Rain (PS3) & MORE, then we can help! Games : Hints & Cheats
: Mitsubishi & the i MiEV Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) has welcomed the arrival of two full-production i-MiEV electric vehicles into Australia says our WebWombatMotoring reviewer. Motoring : Mitsubishi & the i MiEV
: Mitsubishi & the i MiEV Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) has welcomed the arrival of two full-production i-MiEV electric vehicles into Australia says our WebWombatMotoring reviewer. Motoring : Mitsubishi & the i MiEV
Games : Hints & Cheats If you're stuck on anyone of these Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360), Avatar: The Game (Xbox 360 & PS3), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3), BioShock 2 (PS3) & Heavy Rain (PS3) & MORE, then we can help! Games : Hints & Cheats
Weekly Horoscopes This week we see a new moon and the Equinox, so what does that mean and what influence does it have on our Stars? Peek into your future and see. Weekly Horoscopes
Movies : Twilight Eclipse The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated movie trailer for the third instalment of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series has arrived, and boy, is it a doozy! Movies : Twilight Eclipse
: Victoria's Secret Models Having scoured the world for information on the latest and greatest models, for some reason, all roads seemed to lead us back to one place of interest : Victoria's Secret. Celebrity : Victoria's Secret Models
Recipe This Banana Cake recipe is so easy to make and great to slice and eat for a quick snack or to impress your friends who drop in unexpectedly by baking a cake to have with their coffee. Recipe
Games : Karaoke Revolution Karaoke is about the performance, the way you move to the music and more importantly, not to take yourself too seriously while having fun, which you do with this game. Games : Karaoke Revolution
DVD Review : Public Enemies Our WebWombatMovie reviewer concludes that, as a movie from director Michael Mann, it rates a B+, but, having said that, a B+ from Mann is still A+ viewing. DVD Review : Public Enemies
Movies : Dear John Will you pick the same flaw that our WebWombatMovie reviewer did in this otherwise perfectly workmanlike romantic tale directed by Lasse Hallström? Movies : Dear John
Movies : Twilight Eclipse The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated movie trailer for the third instalment of Stephanie Meyers Twilight series has arrived, and boy, is it a doozy! Movies : Twilight Eclipse
Career in Landscape Gardening Technically, the word landscaping means any activity that modifies the visible features of a land, its, flora, fauna, structures, man-made structures, lighting, etc. A Career in Landscape Gardening
Wine of the Week This week our wine connoisseur savours a Penfolds 2007 Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz & a 2009 Bin 311 Tumbarumba Chardonnay. He also makes mention of several tasty drops. Wine of the Week
Games : Heavy Rain Multiple plot lines and the ability to assume one of four main characters to catch the Origami Killer. The future of interactive gaming is here and you'll be blown away with this one. Games : Heavy Rain
Motoring : Lexus Hybrid LS 600hL Our WebWombatMotoring writer looks at the Lexus full hybrid LS 600hL flagship and finds it gains a range of technological and styling improvements in 2010. Motoring : Lexus Hybrid LS 600hL
Games : Mafia 2 Mafia 2 is the sequel fans have been clamoring for which immerses players in the mob underworld of a fictitious late 40's-early 50's scenario. Watch here for release date! Games : Mafia 2
Travel :
Alaska & Vancouver Island Howard McDiarmid's paradise is where he built his hotel from which to watch the famous North Pacific storms. Not a place to visit if you want sandy beaches, tropical pools and warm evening strolls. Travel : Alaska & Vancouver Island
Movies : Shutter Island Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island tells a twisted tale of psychological suspense that unfolds on a fortress-like island housing a hospital for the criminally insane. Suspenseful hey! Movies : Shutter Island
Motoring : Proton Sales The 1.6-litre Proton S16 registered a 113.5 percent increase in sales volume for January compared with the same month in 2009. Read the details here. Motoring : Proton Sales
Celebrity : Lara Bingle If you haven't heard of or read the name Lara Bingle lately then, the question has to be asked, "Where the bloody hell have you been?" Seems Joe Public loves a good scandle. Celebrity : Lara Bingle
Movie : The Men Who Stare At Goats What happens when the army opt for flower power over gun power, and Hollywood opts for star power over script power? Well, let our WebWombatMovie reviewer tell you. Movie : The Men Who Stare At Goats
Horoscopes Check out your weekly horoscopes and see what is in store for you. Luck, love, happiness, travel, a long lost friend pops up, what could it be? Weekly Horoscopes
Movies : Alice In Wonderland Walt Disney Pictures and director Tim Burton brings us an epic 3D fantasy adventure Alice In Wonderland, What does our WebWombatMovies reviewer say? Movies : Alice In Wonderland
Recipe An easy and quick to make Ratatouille. A perfect vegetarian dish. For those who don't have the time to always sit down to a meal but want to eat healthy. Recipe
DVD Review : Ice Age 3 While the rest of the film feels it has to deliver sappy moralising about the importance of love and family, Scrat's sideplot skilfully undercuts it all and is far funnier besides. DVD Review : Ice Age 3
Movie : Anvil Our intrepid WebWombatMovie reviewer interviews Sacha Gervasi, Robb Reiner & Rebecca Yeldham the Director, Star & Producer respectively of the movie The Story Of Anvil.Interview Movie : Anvil
: Ferrari 599 Hybrid Ferrari is the latest manufacturer to throw its hat into the ring by showcasing its first eco-friendly supercar. It's sleek, fast, fuel-efficient & green. Motoring : Ferrari 599 Hybrid
Arts :
Spencer Tunick Internationally renowned artist Spencer Tunick returned to Australia, this time to bring his unique form of art to the Sydney Opera House and WebWombat was there! Arts : Spencer Tunick
Music : Reel Big Fish Going strong since the 90s, Reel Big Fish are outstanding musicians who have just as much fun as their crazy audiences. Their following in Australia proves they've still got stout punk legs to tour on. Music : Reel Big Fish
Travel :
Road Trip - New York to The Deep South Dean & Kath clocked up an amazing 16,000 kilometres, driving & sightseeing their way through thirty US States over three months, spending US$1,500+ on fuel. What a trip! Travel : Road Trip - New York to The Deep South
Motoring : Online Price Calculator Remember the last time you bought a car, there was the price, then there were taxes, then dealer charges, etc. etc. WebWombatMotoring looks at a new online method for determining the gross price. Motoring : Online Price Calculator
Wine of the Week This week our wine connoisseur samples a 2009 Shaw Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and a 2007 Ferguson Cabernet Malbec. A job Bacchus would have envied. Wine of the Week
DVD Review : Surrogates From the director of Terminator 3 comes a jaw-dropping psychological thriller starring the ultimate action hero, Bruce Willis as seen by our WebWombatDVD reviewer with his box of popcorn. DVD Review : Surrogates
Movie Boxoffice What movies are scoring big at the boxoffice this week? There are a couple of new releases that have jumped near to the top of the charts. Australian & USA charts available. Movie Boxoffice
Education : Microsoft Power Point 2007 Making effective presentations is a must for many positions in today's work environment. Skills in designing, reading, interpreting & using presentation software is a critical component of many jobs. Education : Microsoft Power Point 2007
Motoring : Nissan 370Z Roadster WebWombatMotoring reports the highly anticipated 2010 370Z Roadster is now available in Australia with a new soft top and shares the same 245kW 3.7-litre V6 engine as the hard top. Motoring : Nissan 370Z Roadster
Music : British Sea Power The WebWombatMusic guru found the bands first Australian Expedition was a grand success, evidenced by the crowds enormous smiles as they left a grand musical treat. Music : British Sea Power
Weekly Horoscopes We enter a new month so if last month the Stars didn't favour you, them maybe this month they will. We have a couple of big lotto draws so maybe the Stars will show you your numbers! Weekly Horoscopes
Movies : The
Wolfman WebWombatMovies reviews Wolfman, inspired by the classic film that launched the legacy of horror, it reclaims the myth of a man whose curse transforms him into something less than human. Movies : The Wolfman
Movies :
The Hurt Locker WebWombatMovies found this one to be a riveting, suspenseful portrait of the courage under fire of the military's unrecognised heroes, the bomb disposal squad. Movies : The Hurt Locker
Recipe Cornflake Crispy Cookies are easy to make and serve as a treat for the kids (of all ages). May not be all that politically correct gastronomically, but the little kids will love them. Recipe
Education : Microsoft Excel 2007 Proficiency in Microsoft Excel 2007 & skills in building, reading & interpreting spreadsheets are an essential component of so many jobs today. Education : Microsoft Excel 2007
Road Test : Subaru Liberty 2.5i WebWombatMotoring test drove the Liberty 2.5i for a week. We'll tell what we thought of its driveability, performance, look and style and made some comparisons. Road Test : Subaru Liberty 2.5i
: Diary of a Wimpy Kid WebWombatMovies brings you a sneek peek at the soon to be released movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. And you thought you were the class whimp! Movies : Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Games : Batman - The
Brave and the Bold It has been announced that Batman: The Brave & the Bold, an action-adventure videogame based on the popular animated series, will be available in the next few months on Wii and Nintendo DS. Games : Batman - The Brave and the Bold
Music : White Rabbits White Rabbits don't seem to be breaking too much new ground with this new album It's Frightening but they work incredibly well within their own bounds of capability and influence. Music : White Rabbits
DVD Review :
Julie & Julia Our WebWombatDVD guru checked out Julie & Julia and found it was much more than just another paint-by-numbers fluffy affair. DVD Review : Julie & Julia
Motoring :
Audi RS5 WebWombatMotoring gives you a first look at the 2011 Audi RS5 ahead of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, where the official unveiling was to take place. Motoring : Audi RS5
Music : Florence & The Machine WebWombatMusic saw the cult indie act Florence & The Machine, whose tunes are currently sweeping the world, live. Read our Music Guru's review. Music : Florence & The Machine
Model :
Miranda Kerr We are rehashing an old and highly popular profile of one of our success stories. And, yes, there are lots of pictures to back up our claims. Model : Miranda Kerr
Motoring : V8 Utes Legends Three time Bathurst winner Tony Longhurst will drive with 2007 V8 Ute Champion Grant Johnson in a Holden VE SS Commodore in Round 1 of the 2010 Yokohama V8 Ute Racing Series. Motoring : V8 Utes Legends
Movies : The
Blind Side According to our WebWombatMovie reviewer The Blind Side is potentially a break-through movie for Sandra Bullock in which she could transform from a box office diva to an actress of renown! Movies : The Blind Side
Music : Massive Attack It has been seven years since our favourite Bristol trip hoppers last offering, and, with their latest LP Heligoland, Massive Attack offer a welcome return to form. Music : Massive Attack
Adobe Photoshop CS - Short Course Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop CS versions is a must for budding and experienced visual artists - whether they are photographers, writers, editors or designers. Adobe Photoshop CS - Short Course
Wine :
The Bubbles In Champagne What have Champagne, Winston Churchill and the effervescence that tingles the palate as we raise our glass and cheer good health have in common? Well, connect the bubbles and find out. Wine : The Bubbles In Champagne
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